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The Re-Fredding Fan Club

Absolutely Corking!


:star: THE RE-FREDDING FAN CLUB -- keeping Fred Weasley alive in fandom since 2007 :star:

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:bulletgreen: Greetings weary travellers to our ReFredding centre - a wee spot in the Harry Potter fandom dedicated to keeping Fred Weasley alive, because let's face it you could drop a herd of wild elephants, a ten ton weight, a Monty Python foot and Dorothy's house on Fred's head and it still wouldn't be enough to bump him off. To those who happen to be glued to canon like Bella's face to Voldemort's arse, this site probably won't tickle your fancy much. But for those with imagination and who love fandom for what it is, take a look around, enjoy yourself and get to Re-Fredding!

Fred: It's ludicrous.
George: Barking.
Fred: Completely bonkers.
George: Utterly flabbergasting.
Fred: Probably never work.
George: Never has done before.
Fred: I mean, you can't get much deader than dead, can you?
George: Deader than a doornail, you are.
< < pause > >
George: Shall we get on with it then?
Fred: Absolutely. Let my Re-Fredding commence!

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Recent Journal Entries

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Right, tonight I have a special blog for you - an interview with the very lovely Whisperwings, winner of the Re-Fredding Valentine's Day contest and founder of :iconthesilvertrio: and co-founder of :iconprankster-twins: and :iconweasleyfanclub: to name but a few. Well known in the Harry Potter fandom for her beautiful artwork, her favoured pairing (George Weasley and original character, Felicity Westmarsh) has become a well known in the HP community for its flair and originality. So let's crack on with the interview!

An interview with Winter ID 2012 by Whisperwings

Weasley-Detectives: So first off, let's ask an obvious question. Why George and not Fred? What drew you to George specifically?

Whisperwings: Lame as it sounds, it started with the name. I always liked the name George. XD As I got more into the books though, I recognized the slightly more gentle nature George has compared to Fred. I tend to crush first on the brash, super sarcastic guys, but it's the sweet ones I end up liking more. So while Fred had definite crush value, it's George I'd end up falling for. ^^

Weasley-Detectives: Haha, good choice! I often think I went for the worse twin. Bloody Fred. ¬_¬ Now, how did a nice young lady like Lissy get involved with a dastardly prankster like George?

Whisperwings: LOL! Well as in many cases, she got involved with both of them at the same time. :P On accident for the most part. XD The twins helped her with her trunk on her first day, and they didn't see each other again for ages. A few weeks later she was late getting back from the library (procrastinating again) and got caught by Filtch. The boys appeared, acted as if she was getting them books, and they scampered before Filtch realized what was happening. Then they ran into her in a secret passage she'd discovered... Essentially they simply keep running into each other and things just fell into place.

Night Before by Whisperwings

Weasley-Detectives:  I love how some characters simply fall into pace with each other, as if it's completely natural. What do you think or hope might be unique about George and Lissy as a pairing?

Whisperwings: They have a very unique balance when it comes to their relationship, at least in my head. They're friends and lovers, somehow managing to be both at the same time and shifting seamlessly between the two. There's a lot of teasing, competition, and games on one hand, they're entirely serious business partners in other ways, and then on the flip side, they're both entirely dramatic when it comes to just loving each other. These two will go from cooking together in the kitchen, to having a food fight, to a (rather messy) make out session on the counter. ;)

The Bronze Trio by Whisperwings

Weasley-Detectives: Could you describe a typical date for George and Lissy?

Whisperwings: Oh goodness, I dunno if these two would ever have a typical date! Well let's see... I imagine it would start with a dare; who can dress the nicest for dinner, then they'd argue that the other won and make Fred pick the winner. They'd then head to somewhere really plain, like a drive through fast food place or something. :P Being the crazies they are, they'd sneak back into Hogwarts in their old uniforms and try to get detention or something, and see if the prefects and teachers remember that they're not actually students anymore. Once they'd caused trouble, they'd head back to Lissy's place and watch movies, since Lissy is determined to make George as much of a nerd as she is. XD They'd probably pass out on the couch too rather than let the night end. ^^

Take Lissy by Whisperwings

Weasley-Detectives: Bwahaha, a typically unorthodox night out! So George and Lissy are a big hit with the fans. What advice do you have for other writers and artists?

Whisperwings: Don't be afraid to be silly, and don't be afraid to be average! People tend to make their characters over the top in an effort to make them as interesting as other characters, especially in fanfiction. What people tend to forget is that the best characters are the normal ones who simply get put into interesting situations. People like a character they can identify with a lot more than one they'll never ever be able to be like. And another important hint: follow the rules. If it's an original universe or a fan-based one, every world has rules. Follow them. Not only is the challenge good for you as a writer or artist to stay within the set boundaries, but your story and art will seem that more believable. For example in writing HP fanfiction, don't give your character their own room at Hogwarts, make them part veela and a werewolf, or have hair that changes color with their mood. Find the rules and stick to them, there are other ways to be creative. ^^

Under the Willow Tree by Whisperwings

Weasley-Detectives: Bravo! Well said, couldn't agree more. Bloody brilliant advice. Okay, one last question. I guess we've sort of covered this already, but what are some things you look for when reading other peoples' Weasley twins fanfiction or looking at their fanart, especially where romantic pairings are concerned?

Whisperwings: I look for a friends-first basis. The twins are flirts (at least in my head), but I feel like they'd never just date someone for the hell of it. For these two, I feel like they really have to have a background as friends with any ladies before they'd do anything more. Too often I see the equivalent of fangirls being paired with them. -.- Also, any girl hanging out with these two, as friends or more, needs to be a balance for them, not exactly like them. There's already two trouble-making Gryffindors pranking everyone left and right. A third just gets redundant. Added characters need to be different or they'll blend into the background or replace one of the twins eventually. In general, I'm looking for more of a filled out story than a fangirl's excuse to make out with one of the twins. ^^;

Weasley-Detectives: My sentiments exactly! Well, thank you very much for the interview and congratulations on winning the Valentine's contest. Any last words for the club? :-D

Whisperwings: This was so much fun! Oh man, I feel all fancy and professional. XD As for the club... I can't think of anything that doesn't sound totally corny. >.<

Weasley-Detectives:  Haha, keep on Re-Fredding? :XD:

Whisperwings: Mischief will never be managed? Or that one Ginny quote... what was it? "That's the thing about living with Fred and George. You sort of start thinking that anything's possible," or something... They all sound so lame.

Weasley-Detectives: Bwaha I know. XD Hurrah for corny! Thank you very much for your time mate. :)

Take My Hand by Whisperwings
"The thing about growing up
with Fred and George is that
you sort of start thinking
anything's possible if you've
got enough nerve."

-- Ginny Weasley

If you're a Weasley twin fanfic author or fanartist and fancy an interview, please do get in touch! :D
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